Standing Still

by When All We Love is Lost

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ENJOY THE TUNES! Thank you so much for all of your support!

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released February 14, 2014

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Kennedy Studios, Billerica MA. Engineered by Chris LaRocque and Steve Aliperta.

When All We Love is Lost is
Dan Colasanto - Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass.

Viola on tracks 1 and 4 by Jeff Strome
Additional vocals on track 3 by Ally Mahoney

Recorded September - November 2013

Thank you to all of my loving family and friends! All of the music that I have made and will ever make is all thanks to the support of you guys!

Also, special thanks to Chris and Steve for putting up with my shenanigans in the studio. I lerv you.



all rights reserved


When All We Love is Lost Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: The Night I Bailed On You
I could write a novel on how I wasn't there and the reason is because I suck at keeping my secrets locked up // I lost the key when I was younger and it's haunted me ever since // I've never known how to hide

I can't stay like this forever, my flaws will catch up with me // I'll either be seeing sirens or at home staring at my TV // I've changed over the years and with this new life before me I find myself disheveled...for now

Hopefully I'll learn my lesson someday
Track Name: Tremble
Ever since you turned 18 everything started to change // Distancing yourself became your best friend.

When you found yourself bed ridden for weeks I thought it would mean that we would be closer // But you always found a way to push me from you

Thank God I don't tremble at the thought of you anymore // Your words have meant nothing ever since you closed that door // I never loved you I just didn't want to be alone.

Thank God you're gone
Track Name: Downtown Sidewalks
He said, "I don't feel anything, anymore" and I knew exactly why // Reevaluating last night in my head // I'm sorry that I felt the way I did // I get what you were trying to do and I applaud you for your efforts but it just can't be done, someone will be let down

First impressions aren't my thing, too shy to have an opinion on who you are // We all felt the tension hung in awkward suspension // I wish I could go back // Change what I did // I just don't want you to get hurt

I'm sorry for everything I am // But I know what I'm feeling and I'm feeling it won't work out // Is it even worth it?

Is it even worth it?
(Can't stand the thought of you being shot down)
Track Name: Faulty
Please forgive me for all of this, I know I haven't been myself lately // I'm going through something that hurts much more than I thought // It's safe to say that I'm not okay, but please don't worry

I wanted to keep you around but it's my nature to rid what's best for me // So I'll meet you in my head even though I know you're gone

I can't say I'm surprised that nothing feels the same anymore